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ParcVue Introduces Four Major Brands in China

Shanghai - 8 November 2023 - SGX-listed Yanlord Land Group, a leading global real estate developer, held a brand launch event in Shanghai to formally introduce its four major brands under ParcVue, announcing its entry into the Chinese market. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Yanlord Land Group’s foray into the Chinese market and leveraging the ParcVue brand, this event marks the commencement of a new milestone, focusing on the “Hotel and Apartment” model within the dynamic hospitality market.

The brand launch event was attended by distinguished figures, including Singapore Consul General Chua Teng Hoe, Yanlord Land Group’s Executive Vice President Zhang Hao Ning, United Engineer Limited’s Group Managing Director Roy Tan, and Yanlord Land Group’s General Manager for Hotel Management Division Ryan Sun.

Zhang Hao Ning, Executive Vice President of Yanlord Land Group Limited, emphasised that the expansion from hotel property owner to a hotel operator is part of an asset-light business strategy for the Group. He stated, “Today marks the official brand launch of ParcVue, a hotel management brand in China under Yanlord Land Group. This move empowers Yanlord to explore new territories in the hospitality sector, enhancing value with the property business and thus achieving improved returns.

With over three decades of experience in the Chinese market, Yanlord Land Group Limited follows foundational principles of 善待 (Devotion)、责任 (Responsibility)、用心 (Dedication)、精进 (perseverance), drawing inspiration from Singapore’s success in creating the Garden City Island. The Group aims to create an ideal living environment through tailored research and development that aligns seamlessly with the surroundings.

ParcVue introduces four major brands in China: Grand ParcVue (Luxury Upscale), ParcVue (Mid-Scale), Viale (Lifestyle), and Yanlord Pai (International Leasing Community). These brands cater to diverse market segments, reflecting ParcVue’s dedication in identifying and capitalising on promising development prospects within the Chinese accommodation market. The brand portfolio addresses the growing demand for top-notch accommodation experiences in hotels and serviced apartments, catering to short-term business travellers, new immigrants settling in a new city, or high-net-worth individuals seeking a premium lifestyle.

Under the ParcVue brand, upscale luxury hotels and service apartments provide a diverse range of choices in terms of size, layout, style, and amenities, addressing the varied needs and preferences of guests. ParcVue also strategically enters the long-term rental market with the launch of Yanlord Pai, an international leasing community brand designed for different demographics, offering high-quality community living, professional operational management, and engaging community activities.

In response to the rising trend of consumers seeking personalised travel experiences, ParcVue has aptly recognised the demands of the new generation for high-quality and customised hotel stays. In a live-stream interview with Wang Shu, Director of Horwath HTL China, Ryan Sun, General Manager (Hotel Management Division) of Yanlord Land Group Limited, highlighted, “ParcVue seamlessly integrates the reputation of the Yanlord brand in the Chinese market, upholding Yanlord’ s commitment to delivering highest standards of craftmanship and quality in every project it undertakes. With a focus on attracting international visitors and international talents, ParcVue adheres to the brand philosophy of “Anticipating Your Every Need”, emphasising its brand positioning, human-centred management, and empowering content experience. The primary focus is to elevate guest satisfaction, ultimately optimising the return on investment for property owners.”
ParcVue currently oversees more than 10 hotels, serviced apartments, and international leasing communities; either in operation or presently under development. These properties are strategically located in cities such as Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjin and Yancheng; comprising a total of more than 6,000 keys. As an emerging hospitality brand committed to a light-asset business model and diverse portfolio, ParcVue aims for comprehensive success in meeting the evolving needs of this dynamic market.

(Shanghai, 8 November 2023)

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