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Beach Clean-Up 2024: Collected 117kg of Waste in Under an Hour

Singapore, 6 May 2024 – Park Avenue Hospitality, a member of United Engineers Limited Group, is committed to reducing the impact of our environmental footprint for the betterment of our future. In conjunction with the Earth Day, over 90 employees across various businesses in the Group joined hands at our annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) beach clean-up initiative on 26 April 2024.

This initiative aims to raise awareness about marine litter, advocating for the reduction of single-use plastic, and the risks associated with plastic pollution. This aligns with the hotel sustainability’s goal of eliminating single-use plastic bottles as we introduced in-room filtered water taps for Park Avenue Rochester and Park Avenue Changi hotels.

Combing more than 2km of East Coast beach, the team collected 117kg of waste within less than an hour. This includes styrofoam, plastic bottles, disposable cutlery, straws, and takeaway containers. Such items can be potentially harmful to marine life and contaminate our beaches.

In addition to the beach clean-up, this CSR initiative also promotes inter-divisional collaboration and the well-being of our employees. A series of team-building activities were organised to foster effective communication and cooperation among team members.

At Park Avenue, we believe in more than just providing exceptional hospitality – we are dedicated to making a positive impact by giving back to society and prioritising the mental wellness of our colleagues.

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